"The freest feeling I get is when I dance...in that moment life makes sense" ~Roz H.

Our mission is to create an atmosphere that motivates and encourages individuals, no matter their skill level, to feel a sense of community and love while learning and growing as line dancers.  We want to build healthy and lasting relationships with others in the line dance community.  We will keep integrity and excellence as the driving force behind our team.





This fun, spunky and outgoing individual started her dance journey the day she could successfully plant her feet on the ground as a child.  She's been dancing for over 30 plus years from liturgical, to dance teams at local schools and classically trained at Jacksonville University where her dance palate expanded tremendously. Recently introduced to the world of soul line dancing, Roz will take the knowledge and skills she's learned thus far and impart them in the lives of others while incorporating the importance of a healthy life, healthy body and a healthy mind.